Common Problems with Commercial Garage Doors

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Commercial garage doors are imperative for a facility’s security. They allow business owners and employees to have access to significant areas of a business. That is why, when they are not functioning properly, it is important to have them fixed quickly. Sometimes, the real source of the problem is not immediately clear. As commercial garage doors are larger and heavier than the ones installed in homes, do not tempt your fate by trying to repair a commercial garage door without professional help. Here are a few problems that are common with commercial garage doors:

1. Sensory Aligenment Problem

Today’s modern garage doors are equipped with safety sensors to ensure maximum security. Sometimes, the garage door will not close and you begin to wonder the glitch is. In this case, the first thing you should check is the garage door opener safety sensor. The safety sensors discharge an invisible beam from one side of the door to the other. In case the sensors are not aligned properly, the door will just not close.


2. Power Issues

Except for manual garage doors, that are un-likely to be placed at commercial facilities, garage doors require a sophisticated power supply system for working smoothly. Hence, if the garage door is not lowering or rising, it could be something to do with the power supply. Since your life may be at risk if you attempt to check this, asking a professional to check the problem is recommended.


3. Damaged Tracks

As commercial garage doors run on a metal track, they are likely to bear considerable damage over time. Check for any gaps between the rail and the rollers or any damage, like bending in the metal. As a commercial garage door is quite heavy, rolling up and down the tracks multiple times a day may trigger a few problems. These complications grow more complicated with time. So, have them fixed as soon as you notice them when you door begins to make squeaking and scrapping sounds.


4. Damaged Springs

Heavy commercial garage doors with damaged springs might simply refuse to rise at all when you press the button. On the side of the garage door, torsion springs do the heavy lifting for opening the door. In case any part of the spring is broken, there will not be enough power for opening the door. Since these springs can pose a safety hazard if not fixed properly, you need to call professional garage door repairing services to get the job done.   

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