How to Know When to Replace Your Garage Door

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When it comes to garage door replacement, many home owners are not exactly sure whether to have their garage door replaced or simply repaired. It may be very easy to fix certain types of damage while others mean it is time to replace the entire garage door. There are several obvious signs to look for to determine what action should be taken. It is a good idea to hire a professional garage door technician to inspect the door. They will be able to easily tell, if it can be repaired, or if replacement is necessary. Most contractors do not charge anything for estimates.

Broken or Missing garage door Parts 

Normal wear and tear or paint that is beginning to chip are rather easy fixes and most do it yourselfers can handles these situations. It is a good idea to carefully inspect the garage door every couple of months. If there is damage to the bottom of the garage door, the track, cables, or springs, it may be time to call in a professional.
These are serious matters and it is better to let an experienced techs handle these. Keep in mind that certain types of garage door damage can be extremely dangerous. For example, cables are in place to prevent accidents. Ignoring broken safety cables creates a hazard for the entire family as well as the home itself.
Check for broken or exposed electrical wires. Exposed wires are an electrical and fire hazard. This type of damage should be fixed immediately to protect the family and prevent further damage to the home. Loose wires can create electrical short circuits which may cause the garage door to suddenly fall or close. These doors are extremely heavy and when they fall unexpectedly it can result in serious bodily injury and/or death.

Unusual Changes

A dramatic spike in energy bills with no changes to daily usage can be the result of faulty insulation. The entire garage door does not necessarily need to be replaced. It may simply need new insulation. Home owners should open and close their garage doors during the safety inspections. The point is to look for unusual shimmying or shaking as well as to listen for any strange noises. Doors that shake, screech, jerk, or pop when closed and/or opened may need to be replaced. It could be a sign the door is worn out or that hardware may be broken.
Home owners with older garage doors should consider having doors upgraded and replaced. One of the main safety features of a home is the garage door. It provides security for the entire family against criminals and harsh weather elements. There are many new technologically advanced gadgets that can be added.
An example is certain garage door openers now have a feature called rolling code. The code required to operate the door changes to new codes which are randomized and computer generated. This prevents thieves from access garage doors and homes. There are also sensors that can be installed for added safety. These sensors are designed to respond to objects that are in the door’s path and trigger it to reverse directions.

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