How to Install Your Garage Door by Yourself

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If your garage door is giving you a hard time and does not function smoothly, you may need to replace it and install a new garage door. Here are some DIY tips to install a garage door.

Examine all the bits and pieces that make up a garage door.

There are chances you will be quickly intimidated. Don’t let the large pieces of rollers, metal track, hinges, handles, springs, cables and door panels with loads of screws, bolts and nuts overwhelm you.

Although, there are a large number of user-friendly door kits available on the market and you can do the job quite efficiently by reading the instruction manual, it may still be a tedious task. First, familiarize yourself with the complete parts list and the hardware required before you remove your existing door. It is recommended that you hire a professional to help you since the springs are under tension and are like loaded weapons in a garage door that is closed.

After the old door is disassembled, scrutinize the wood framing around the garage door opening and check for any rotten wood, which needs to be replaced. It is important that the garage door track is bolted to solid wood.  

Only use approved hardware provided by the garage door manufacturer

Also, and pay attention to the bottom brackets, which are attached to the corners at the bottom, as these brackets should be firmly fixed to the door. Avoid stripping these bolts by over tightening them. Also, the cables for lifting the door are attached to these brackets and the brackets are subjected to massive lifting forces. Therefore, they can rip out of the door if they are not attached securely and act as dangerous missiles.  

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For the door to function smoothly, it is extremely important for the first section of the garage door to level perfectly. As all other sections of the door are on top of the first section, it is important to set the first section with perfection. Singlewide garage doors are more convenient to install. As garage doors become wider, the sections will be heavier. Once assembled, with all hardware, the garage door can weigh around 400 lbs.

You can always ask for a professional assistance 

While some lightweight garage doors may be installed without much trouble, it is a good to hire professional garage door repair and installation services for installing a sophisticated garage door. For this reason, it is recommended that heavy and complicated garage doors must be installed with the help of professionals who will ensure the overhead track is supported and aligned to perfection. If the garage door is not installed properly, the track can fall or the door can come off the track and fall.